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CMY Optic Prism Cube - 1 Cube -
CMY Optic Prism Cube -
CMY Optic Prism Cube -
CMY Optic Prism Cube -
CMY Optic Prism Cube -

CMY Optic Prism Cube

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Appreciate Light In All Angles!

The CMY Optic Prism Cube is a cube made of multicolored glass panels that manipulate light in creating kaleidoscope-looking patterns through light refraction. With its beautiful and unique design, enjoy the various colors from different angles even when you’re at the same place; truly an amazing visual experience! Animated GIF


Pocket-Sized Entertainment: With its very small design, you can carry the cube anywhere, it can even fit right in your pocket. Take it out and let it radiate into a delightful optical entertainment that everyone will enjoy and get fascinated with. 
Instant Photography Filter: It is a great addition to your photography accessories, making your pictures unique without any post-editing magic. Say goodbye to your favorite filters!  
Great Science Experiment: In creating wonderful colors through beam splitting and light refraction, it is perfect in sharing knowledge and educating people on how a prism works. Make science easier to understand using this product, both for kids and adults!  
Premium, Long-Lasting Quality: All sides of the cube refracts light for more color combinations. The glass panels do not fade easily and are scratch-resistant, guaranteeing a maximized use for the years to come.  


    GIFT BOX: Opening the gift box, the built-in light will be opened, colorful light will appear. Each Cube got a gift box.


    Material: Glass
    Size: 20*20*20 mm

    Find the beauty in light with the CMY Optic Prism Cube! Grab one for you and as a gift while supplies last!